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Lecture 5

CEUS-R 310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Portable Art

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Central Eurasian Studies
Course Code
CEUS-R 310
Elisabeth Lloyd

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10/12/15: Animals in Art
What is Art?
o “creation of objects that express meaning and emotion within a culturally
specific system of meanings”
Origins of Art:
o 30,000-40,000 years ago
o specialize and standardize everyday objects
o magic and rituals
o high ranked
o social context (cultural context people are coming from)
Animals in Art- The Evidence:
o rock art- 2 types
petroglyphs- pecked, abraded, grooved
pictographs- painted
o portable art
sculpture (pipe bowls from US Midwest)
animal products (carved horn bowl from US northwestern coast)
ceramic vessels- southwestern US (1000-1150 A.D) bowl
with bear hunting scene, blended with bows and arrows
o have holes in them, important in showing rituals
and beliefs
Economically- Based? (is it beneficial or not?)
Representation (natural form)
Encoding Nature (involves some cultural context)
Not Just in a Window (bird picture examples)
Art of Signs
Cultural Differences?
Human, Animal, Supernatural:
o some art you can’t tell what things are
Representation: how art is intended to be seen, who is suppose to see it
o encoding meaning
o iconic system
o arbitrary systems (Horus- god of the sky, Health, Body- whole, Pharaoh-
god on earth, After-life)
symbols for something else
o Dingo Rock Art in Australia: they repaint things on the walls making it
hard for people to study it
Complex Relationships & Symbols:
o wall painting 14th BC; Nubians bringing tribute to Egypt
Egyptian Scarab:
o blueglass & gold scarab, symbol of sun god, rebirth, and existence
o beetles lay eggs, rebirth when parent dies
Canopic Jars, Egypt: Jars with…
o hawk head- intestines
o baboon head- lungs
o human head- liver
o jackal head- stomach
Art in Ice Age Europe:
o horses, goats, big cats, bison
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