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Lecture 1

CEUS-R 310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sociocultural Anthropology, Fish Processing, Biological Anthropology

Central Eurasian Studies
Course Code
CEUS-R 310
Elisabeth Lloyd

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8/26/15: Anthropology
anthropology: the study of mankind
why we behave, look, vary from cultures
o archaeology
o biological
o socio-cultural
o linguistic
o materials- artifacts, features
o artifacts and cultures in the past
Biological Anthropology
o focus on humans as a biological species
o genetics, evolution, fossils, biology of living people, nonhuman primates
Socio-cultural Anthropology
o human cultures- how and why they differ
o culture: ideas and behaviors that are learned and transmitted
o ethnography: fieldwork with a particular group
o kinship, religion, ecology economics, etc.
Linguistic Anthropology
o language
o similarities and differences in 3,000 languages
How do they study?
o ex. cave painting of animals and horses
Honoring animals
o profound and complex relationships
o animals entitled to respect because they give their life for humans
o written records and photographs
o art, ethnography, oral traditions
o archaeological remains
Creation stories
o how the world came to be
o people, animals, supernatural beings in human and animal form
o oral traditions
o land and animals are clues to images and events
o animals as food
o hunting
o extinctions/ over-hunting
o fishing
o animal processing
o fish processing
o ceremonial
o rock art
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