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Lecture 2

ENG-W 131 Lecture 2: Devor notes for microtheme one

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

Devor notes for micro theme one Supporting evidence with page numbers Gender roles act as cognitive filters There are certain traits that pertain to femininity or masculinity Male standard adults shown infants and guessed males Using young school children and giving them dolls Children first identify themselves with the social norm In north America there are only two genders vs multiple in other cultures, gender is not inherent Children are exposed to gender and sex from their parent and get their views from them p45 Kessler and Mckenna study: uses line drawings of people with mixed gender cues p49 Potential Theses Part 1 thesis Gender identities act as cognitive filtering devices, guiding people to attend and learn gender role behaviors appropriate to their status page 43 As children learn the rules of membership in society, they come to see themselves in terms they have learned from the people around them page 43 As we move through our lives, society demands different gender performances from us and rewards, tolerates or punishes us differently for conformity to or digression from social norms page 43 Part 2 thesis Gender binary is upheld to discriminate against femininity says devor GENDER IS LEARNED BOT BORN and creates discrimination throughout the sexes Gender is what you feel you are, masculine and feminine page 51 51 Feminine: subordinate when speaking, arms close to body, legs crossed, sense of maternity, caring for children Masculine: toughness, aggression, soft reliance, avoidance of feminine behaviors, competitiveness taking up more space, valued more in our society because we like the hero Cross gender behaviors: scorned or harassed Parents are the reinforces of sex, whether it is in the way they dress the child or the way they present them children are normally going from their born gender to their found sex Think of the summary as a triangle, up top is a thesis, then bottom is the two pieces of evidence Dos and donts Gender is something that we learn not something we are born with Be unbiased
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