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Lecture 4

ENG-W 131 Lecture 4: Hall, intro to representation notes

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

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Introduction to representation Culture is about shared meanings Meanings are localized to languages The circuit of culture is what connects; representation, regulation, consumption, production and identity Language operates as a representational system and we use signs and symbols to take the place of other peoples ideas Culture is the sum of great ideas that represent a society such as literature, music etc. High culture pertains to the noble people of the society and popular culture is all about the ordinary persons culture Two people sharing culture is almost to say that they have the same thoughts and feelings about the world The things that are a part of a culture are all given a meaning as to why they are important Meaning is what makes us who we are Meanings regulate and organize our thoughts Music and photography are both almost languages because they are widely understood Representation is a process of secondary importance which comes after the meaning Basically they are all connected and without one of them they wouldnt work Class questions 1. What is representation what it does? a. Shows values and how you identify yourself b. Representation translates for language c. representation is one of the central practices that make culture 2. When was the last time you looked at a representation? a. News article b. Logo c. Photographs 3. What is the relationship between representation and reality? a. Sometimes representation cant be the real reality b. Creator vs audience changes the representation 4. What are the five definitions of culture that hall defines on page 2 a. High culture: embodies the best of the best (literature, wine, painting, museums, classical music) b. Shared values within a particular group c. Popular culture and mass culture d. Social scientific: way of life e. Giving and taking of meaning; production or exchange of meaning. Culture is a set of practices General sense of culture to be a part of something, shared ideas Cultures or subcultures: athletic culture, house shows, punk, sexuality, Greek life
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