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Lecture 3

ENG-W 131 Lecture 3: Tips for summarizing wilhoit notesPremium

1 pages29 viewsSpring 2017

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

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Tips for summarizing/wilhoit notes
Do not merely copy/paste from text
Paraphrasing: putting authors words in your own
Do’t ritiize or gie our o opiio of hat the are saig
Leave out unimportant details
Criticism/ your own spin does not convey the authors message
Be brief
Use attributive tags
Needs to e lear to soeoe ho has’t read the tet
Informative vs explanatory summary
Direct facts and main ideas
Shorter than explanatory
Explanatory: what we are doing
Refers to the author deor argues… deor eliees
Gives structure to the text
Gives us the authors stance/belief
What goes into a summary:
Introducing the topic: authors first and last name, name of article and their thesis
Supporting evidence
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