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Lecture 8

ENG-W 131 Lecture 8: The Method on Wendell class notes

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

Writing Analytically 2632 The Method the method is a way to find important details and organize thoughts Steps for the method 1. List exact repetitions of words in the text and how many times it pops up, whatever repeats is what it is about 2. List strands of similar words (polite and courteous) 3. List pairs of binaries and the most important ones by organizing contrasts (open, closed or global, local) 4. Then choose one of the first three for each and expand upon it for a healthy paragraph and talk about the significance as a whole 5. Find anomalies, exceptions to the pattern or something that doesnt fit This method works as analysis of mental doodling The method is to induce you to pay more attention of the details Class notes for this Society constructs disability Wendell Society constructs gender Wendell Things to look for: o Language o Tone o Word Choice o Types of Evidence o Audience (abled bodied people about disability life and culture.) Thinking people with disabilities as a burden, as very different from other people, something that the disability needs to be fixed and rather that the societies view, there is something wrong with you and that youre pitiable. Pity (wedding day example) Wendell thesis, disability is not solely biomedical but rather, biomedical and socially constructed In disability studies they are trying to move away from handicapped The change in the wheelchair sign because they can still do things that other people can Mental retardation moving to intellectual disability Neurodiversity ==> mental health, learning styles, social styles Neuro typicality brain typical Use people with disabilities instead of handicapped in paper Use the method to outline the writing and include tone
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