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Lecture 5

ENG-W 131 Lecture 5: Fundamentals of Caring Notes class notesPremium

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

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Fundamentals of Caring
Typical associations with a care giver
Structured, Type A following rules
Ben walks in with no experience and follows his own rules, not a stiff relationship
Usually thought to be highly regimented, on a script
Complete dependency
Just being a job for someone, no personal level
Ben’s issues
Lost his son and feels guilty
Feels obligated to make sure Trevor is ok
Trevor becomes a symbolic figure
By becoming caregiver, it fills a void
Ben can’t do anything about his son but he feels like he can do something for Trevor
Trevor’s personality
Biological father isn’t around
Restricted, daily routine
Very sarcastic
Not close with father, he left when he found out Trevor had a disability
Abandonment issues
Running away from home and starting over
Trying to get to Denver
Mom passed away
Father isn’t in the picture until the end
Because she saw how Trevor’s father treated him she was forgiving to her dad
Gender & Disability
o scene with the cow how the workers had to carry the wheelchair up and down (literal burden)
o Disabilities are given disadvantages in society same example as above ^
o How Trevor was supposed to man up and go talk to Dot yet he was worried his disability would hold him
back in a way and he wouldn’t talk to Dot at first.
o Mom makes the money because she is a single mom yet usually the man makes the money
o Disability is feminizing yourself
o Ben and Trevor’s masculinity was being challenged when the dash lights came on and Dot was telling them
to just keep going.
Gender & Sexuality
How you can’t be a sexual being with a disability
Since your body is displayed his body is questioned
Gender=self-determination peeing standing up=independence
Inter-dependence; the relation between Ben and Trevor
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