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Lecture 5

ENG-W 131 Lecture 5: Fundamentals of Caring Notes class notes

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

Fundamentalsof Caring Typicalassociationswith a caregiver Structured, Type A following rules Ben walksin with no experience and followshisown rules, not a stiff relationship Usually thought to behighly regimented, on a script Completedependency Justbeing a jobfor someone, no personallevel Bensissues Losthisson and feelsguilty Feelsobligated to makesureTrevor isok Trevor becomesa symbolic figure Bybecoming caregiver, it fillsa void Ben cant do anything about hisson but hefeelslikehecan do something for Trevor Trevorspersonality Biological father isnt around Restricted, daily routine Verysarcastic Not close with father, he left when he found out Trevor had a disability Abandonment issues Dot Running away from homeand starting over Trying to get to Denver Mom passed away Father isnt in thepictureuntiltheend BecauseshesawhowTrevorsfather treated him she wasforgiving to her dad GenderDisability Wendell o scenewith the cowhowthe workershad to carry the wheelchair up and down (literalburden) o Disabilitiesaregiven disadvantagesin society sameexampleasabove ^ o HowTrevor wassupposed to man upand go talk to Dot yet hewasworried hisdisability would holdhim back in a way and hewouldnttalk to Dot at first. Devor o Mom makesthemoney because sheisa singlemomyet usually theman makesthemoney o Disability isfeminizing yourself o Ben and Trevorsmasculinity wasbeing challenged when thedash lightscameon and Dot wastellingthem to just keep going. GenderSexuality Howyou cant bea sexualbeing with a disability Since your body isdisplayed his body isquestioned Gender=selfdetermination peeing standing up=independence Interdependence; therelation between Ben and Trevor
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