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Lecture 10

ENG-W 131 Lecture 10: Thompson Looking away, Staring back notes

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ENG-W 131
Jillian Gilmer

Looking Away, Staring Back notes and outline Public staring is a pleasure to most Americans (79) After stating we often uncomfortably look away (79) Uses strong vocab like propriety and prohibition Sometimes you look at a person so extraordinary that forces you to look away (79) Evidence: Doug Auld created paintings of severely disabled people from burns to express who they really are at their core The paintings force the observer to see the paintings as beautiful even though the subject isnt inviting us to stare at the painting when in real life we wouldnt Intends to let these paintings able to be stared at without having to look away He first started doing this because he met a girl significantly burned When the girl did what everyone else did and looked back at him he looked away (81) Id rather people staring at a painting than me a subject said (81) Evidence: Another artist Chris Rush does something similar by painting disabled faces in a regal format He takes people with down syndrome and paints them on a profile pose where you cannot see the disabled features in that light looking away from people who make us uncomfortable differs from granting them visual anonymity and looing away is disrespectful People with physical disabilities have a hard time when people stare at them Evidence: Murphy was in and out of a wheelchair in his life and the stares he got when was in one were tense, awkward, and problematic The paintings invite us to stare to make us familiar to when we see them in real life making it less awkward (84) People who are stared at can break the awkwardness Evidence: Lucy Grealy spent a life time getting stared at and she has gotten used to it and made it less embarrassing (84) The African woman Shayla looks back at the viewer in the painting fearlessly One man who has been stared at his entire life is rude to the people who stare at him Starees have to become stronger at their interpersonal skills to make people feel more comfy They all have different ways of dealing with it (87) Evidence: Psychologist Len Sawisch uses steer staring Starees use different strategies for children and adults Evidence: Kevin Connolly takes pictures of people staring This is a very strong tactic to use and it shows what we look like when we stare pity is an emotional culdesac (93)
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