GER-E 121 Lecture 4: Class notes 1.26.17

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Germanic Languages
GER-E 121

12617 First German empire was founded in 1871 German liberation from France came in 1813 Napoleonic wars happened 18021815 in Germany Der Bevlkerung the people by Hans Haacke The colors of the flag come from the uniforms of the soldiers against the French during the revolution, they wore black coats with red trim and gold buttons Luther gets away with posting the 95 thesis because the other people apart of the german empire wanted to spite the emperor and his lack of power on the other nations Friedrich Ludwig Jahn invented a form of gymnastics called Turnen Germans were suffering from being emasculated become too French He created Turnen in a park in berlin to train young people to be strong and to develop the national character to be stronger He makes a book published in 1816 (the French army had been expelled) called die Deutsche Turnkunst (the German art of gymnastics) The French army was kicked out in 1813 He possibly wants a break from the old gymnastics and make Turnen German and new He is trying to purify the Germans and he only lets real Germans into his gym Turnen is still a big part of schools in Germany Prussia then takes a step back from his beliefs because his nationalism is liberal and the rulers felt it was an idea of constitutionality and equality They throw Jahn in jail for his beliefs (irony) the state feels threatened by the exercise that is supposed to strengthen the state In 1841 there was a failed German revolution What starts with something to represent German nationalism is now just nationalist and many countries started doing it themselves German national soccer team presentation Not allowed to compete from the 1930s to the 50s in international soccer team They had 3 teams that could compete in the world cup from 19501990 In 1954 west Germany, there were a lot of people coming out of war In west Germany played Hungry in the first round 83 but then played them in the finals of the tournament and beat them in the finals called the miracle of Bern The Germans in the crowd sing the national song and the first verse after winning the game There were lots of speculation about West Germany about cheating 1974 East and West Germany competed against each other and East won the first round and then West Germany won the tournament 1990 the wall fell and the two teams played each other again 2006, Germany hosted the world cup and the country was very unified and pride for their country they came in third 2014 they played in brazil and won the world cup
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