GER-E 121 Lecture 5: Class notes 2.7.17

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Indiana University - Bloomington
Germanic Languages
GER-E 121

2717 The Brandenburg Gate presentation First built in 1791 Commissioned to be built by Prussian King Fredrick William II The Quadriga statue on top of the Gate Napoleon Bonaparte 1806 stole the Quadriga when he came in Hitler used the gate as propaganda on coins and stamps, hung the nazi flags on the gate Wall of the gate was badly bombed by the allies In 1961 the wall was erected, gate in east Germany, the gate becomes part of the wall Gate now is seen as a sense of perseverance and the connection of east and west JFK held I am Berliner in west Germany speech in 1963 Ronald Regan gave 2 speeches and one of them the tear down the wall th November 9 1989 the first barriers of the wall were opened December 1989 Bernstein holds 2 concerts one on each side of the wall and they were about freedom Class lecture The Prussian king becomes the head of the newly formed German empire He lived in the Berlin City Palace after him nobody really lived there They turned it into a museum After the bombings they decided to demolish the Palace because they couldnt repair it Years later they built the Palace of the Republic and opened in 1979 by the East Germans It was used for massive communist party meetings They were reports of asbestos in the building so they elected to rip it down in 2006 After they took it down they turned it into a big field where you can play soccer th th Now they are currently building a smaller city palace with all the details in the 18 and 19 century, with one side looking like that and one side looks modern The building will be called humbalt fulm and it will be the center for nonEuropean art and history so Asian, African, etc. culture
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