GER-E 121 Lecture 6: Class notes 2.9.17

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Germanic Languages
GER-E 121

2917 The Berlin Wall Russia was trying to cut off the rest of the powers in Berlin For the east berlin side there were two fences, guard towers, ground spikes and for the west berlin there was just the wall The effect this left was a very grim life for the people of east berlin and there was a lot of poverty on that side The reason it came down was because there were internal pressures such as; The reason they built the wall was not to keep people from coming in but rather to keep their population as prisoners Before the wall people were taking all their stuff from the east and leaving to the west berlin (west berlin had a policy that they would always welcome people from west berlin) People from east berlin were taking trains, busses, and walking to west berlin so the government couldnt stop them from going There was one road from West berlin to west Germany, but you could not go to any other town along the way, there were also a train The East berlin government then started with the idea that they needed to build a wall because they were losing their population quite rapidly 1961 overnight the government started to build a small fenced wall Very quickly they put in some systems from people to visit the east from the west, but going from the east to the west only athletes, politicians, artists, writers were allowed to go but their families were held captive and had to go alone Old people (65) were allowed to go from east to west and stay their because they got a pension from the state, they cost money, take up space and were a burden to eastern society these people were highly encouraged to go The reason they had to take the wall down was primarily financial reasons, they did not have the financial means to go Slowly they started to let people go across the wall because People going from East Germany to Hungry were let there because it was a socialist country as well, then from Hungry people went to Austria then from Austria to West Germany and people then escaped Chinese solution the people trying to escape were killed by the military sent from the government, shoot at their own people People started hearing rumors that the border was going to open, and one man, opened the door to the west side The Holocaust Concrete blocks of different heights were put up as a memorial for the murdered jews from Europe in the holocaust These blocks were designed by an American architect, he doesnt want there to be emotion in it, with one family that gives a fake sense of knowledge There were thousands of concentration camps all built for different reasons
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