GER-E 121 Lecture 8: Class notes 2.21.17

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Germanic Languages
GER-E 121

22117 1961 Berlin wall was put up West Germany had a treaty with Turkey to ban migration By the mid 1970s there were 2 million guest immigrants from Turkey, most of them Muslim In the year 2000 new immigration laws made it easier for these people to become citizens Head scarfs worn by turks in Germany, the hijab is worn over the heads of women Loose fitting scarf but the whole face is reveled NonMuslims in the Germany began to get concerned with and didnt want these Muslims wearing their scarfs. Mainly happening in school the schools are wondering if teachers are allowed to wear their hijab while they are in school Eight of 16 federal states in Germany have prohibited public school teachers from wearing the headscarf to school The Birkenstock presentation Created by a German shoe maker in the Frankfurt area The first shoes had footbeds with a contoured sole and made it more comfortable to walk around After three generations of this family they started the Birkenstock business The fourth generation created the premiere sandal This shoe has started a culture because in Germany these shoes were known for keeping your feet healthy Woman from California saw the shoe in Germany and thought it was a great idea She brought it back to the us and started the us division in 1966 In American Birkenstocks are seen as higher end sandals In Germany it is more of an athletic footwear The shoe is supposed to go against the fashion of todays world The Birkenstock is more of an ideology that people should be comfortable because these sandals are good for your feet the healthy foot
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