GNDR-G 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Judith Lorber, Judith Butler, Class Discrimination

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Published on 25 Aug 2016
1. G104
Judith Lorber: The Social Construction of Gender
-“mean girls”
-gossip as resistance
-a way of informal informing
-stereotyped that gossip revolves around women and gay men
-these groups are feminized by other groups of people
-Judith Butler: feminist, queer theorist
-socialization of Gender
-gender binaries
-a link to sex, race, class, etc.
- gender is a way for society to organize people
Gender as a Social Construct:
-Cultural production
-Masculine v. feminine
-Gendered behavior appearance
-Women are to body as men are to mind, supposedly
The Paradox of Human Nature:
-Just because things are made up, does not mean they’re not real
-What we think of as natural, is actually socially constructed
-It produces itself
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