GNDR-G 399 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Foreskin, Hair Tie, Judith Lorber

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24 Aug 2016
1. G399
Judith Lorber: The Night to His Day
“Doing Gender”/Gender Displays:
1. Jewelry and clothing
2. Body language:
3. Mannerisms:
-the way you sit
-women: legs together, take up small space
-men: sprawling
-the way you eat/dieting
- “The man eats first”
4. Career Fields:
-a “man’s” job v. a “woman’s” job
-women’s pant suits (acceptance of women in pants)
Women in the Military:
-hair length
-make-up (necessity of make-up to allow women to stand out)
-color of hair tie
-how hair is worn
Twins Example:
- “accidental/involuntary transsexual”
-mother decided to raise one as a woman because the child didn’t have a penis
- forced to be a woman, felt like a man
- the idea of sex and gender as mutable
find more resources at
find more resources at
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