PSY-P 101 Lecture 21: P101 Lecture 21 Notes (Apr. 6)

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Indiana University - Bloomington
Psychological & Brain Sciences
PSY-P 101
Motz Benjamin

P101 Lecture 21 Notes- Language and Thought 4-6-17  Cognition- way in which information processed and manipulated for purpose of remembering, thinking, knowing o Helps with:  Communication/language  Classifying and categorizing  Problem solving  Decision making  Language- rule-based system for combining arbitrary (meaningless) symbols to produce infinitely many meaningful statements  Communication- much broader than language (encompasses it); sending message between sender and receiver o Ex. “Body language” is part of communication, but not language  Speech- verbal way of using language; produced through combination of specific motor behaviors (breathing, movement of tongue/jaw/lips)  Characteristics of Language o Uses symbols  Connection between symbol and meaning is arbitrary; no reason they should be related; innately independent and unrelated, but linguistic association puts them together  Ex. Daddy nana (pronounced “papa”) /d @ d i: / (English phonetic spelling)  All of these represent same concept in different ways o Hierarchical and creative  Language has hierarchical structure- can combine words in new/interesting ways to come up with infinite combinations  3 aspects of grammar:  Syntax- rules for combining words (word order, sentence structure) o Dictates how we go from words → phrases
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