TEL-T 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Mark Zuckerberg, Incircle And Excircles Of A Triangle, Web 2.0

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18 Nov 2014
Are Media Ubiquitous?
Class is on canvas
PRINT SYLLABUS at the end of the week
Resources are posted in the modules section (look per date)
Assignments will be turned in ON CANVAS (you can find under assignments, paper 3 is a group
Announcements (such as extra credit and other helpful announcements) will be announced in class
and on the announcement section
Wednesday August 27, 2014
TOPIC: Are media ubiquitous?
What do we mean by Ubiquitous? Definition: present, appearing or found everywhere
Numbers indicate omnipresence (used all the time, everyday)
14.5 hours a day of technological usage (includes multitasking, an amazing number, primary
not just about spending time WITH the media, more about the relationship TO the media
Media as a term came from a Latin words meaning middle
We choose to consume media as an endpoint and media as a starting point affect us
Person Media person/object/idea
More likely to interact with people through media, taking idea in through media (a medium)
MEDIA as a part of us (and vice versa)
Media is always there it is always with us; it is an essential part of our lives
Kevin Kelly 2007Amazing that all this stuff is here- we aren’t amazed
All connections= one machine (we are constructing this)
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