TEL-T 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Gemeinschaft And Gesellschaft, Como, Bowling League

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Published on 18 Nov 2014
Extra credit opp.: link on canvas, takes about 70 minutes
October 1st is the last day to participate
What are communities
Gemeinschaft (idea that the old world, small town, farming community, where everybody knows
everybody else and knows everyone’s business) vs. Gesellschaft (large urban pseudo community,
people in conjunction with each other but don’t have social relationships with each other)
Lamenting the loss of community when they moved from gemeinschaft to gesellschaft, seen as a
bad thing that we don’t know our neighbors
Defining features: shared social interactions (know each other and interact with one another –
Writers preferred the former over the latter
“imagined communities” -- community in the eye of the beholder, if you believe you are part of the
community and the members of the community feel a connection to the community, then it is
(you can share ideas and not communicate but not be in a community)
forms of expression
if they talk about it as a community
identity – how I define myself
relationships with other people in a group
Norms- every accepts and understands these ‘norms, expectations group members have of each
Clearly these can happen online … but better? Worse?
Virtual communities with geographically dispersed people
It will have norms, relationships and a sense of identity
Is s virtual community better or worse than a human community
Why are communities important?
Increased effectiveness, can achieve more than just as an individual
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