TEL-T 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Information Technology, Authoritarianism

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18 Nov 2014
The “Net Delusion”
The Google Doctrine
Twitter doesn’t cause revolutions, can mediate
Any information technology is going to be a positive force of change,
Information is power
Good things will happen with free flowing information technology
The danger of cyber-utopianism
Assumption that technology is introduced and all is good —> FALSE!
Dramatically overstating case, not that it doesn’t have any impact —> IT DOES!
Change/influence ideas, support people who use
Danger of missing what is truly important —> misunderstanding root cause of revolt/uprising —>
will case issues in future
Information technologies go both ways
Mediator is fundamentally neutral
Depends on input, technology is moving information in more efficient ways
The dark side of information technologies
What is the role of technology here?
Spread information
Put the “social” in social movements
So …
Facilitate authoritarianism (authoritarian government)
Easier to spread information and misinformation
Identification of activists
Increase in hate group activity
The input determines the output
Having information technology will not lead us to promise land, have evidence to prove
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