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18 Nov 2014
Is Tinder better than Kilroy’s for finding a date?
impression management
how to we form impressions?
Primacy and schema-based processing
Physical beauty=good (perceive pretty people as smart, funny, outgoing)
What is beautiful? (good research topic, what is attractive?) we like symmetry, face & body
More attracted to symmetrical features than asymmetrical
Certain figures are more attractive
AND how do you capture that in a selfie
We are attracted to EYES, we are drawn to eyes we look at their eyes, “window to the soul”
Taking an image to focus on the eyes not your nose
Primacy of information changes online
Perceptions of beauty affected by…
Image, but also:
Social categorization
Perceived popularity
Again, friends matter: its not just about you but how you are connected
How people see you
The process of contemporary coupling
Development of romantic attachments
Desire for:
Sexual gratification
Emotional union
Need to
Become aware of our own feelings
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