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18 Nov 2014
Can’t I just date my phone?
SO what’s the role/effect of Tinder and the like?
What’s changing?
New interface, increased efficiency
Information used for evaluation (possibly)
Variety of means in which to engage (tailor means of communication to meet your needs for that
specific means)
Certainty about status
LESS certainty in progression about relationship (going on a date  does not hold as much
meaning now) “What does it mean if ___ ?”
MORE certainty at beginning of relationships (begin interaction  both parties know there is a form
of interest, affirmation)
Grounding this is:
Core drivers of attraction put parameters on our decisions
Bounded by what draws us to people in the first place
Core goals still present
Need to negotiate acceptable behaviors (How to break up with someone? When do you stop
seeing multiple people?)
Need to define status (e.g. having “the talk”)
Relationships WITH technology
Computers as social actors
Form emotional attachments to gadgets that don’t love us back, we treat out technologies as other
Tendency to anthropomorphize (assign animate characteristics to inanimate objects)
Movement=alive, we see something moving and we start to anthropomorphize
When our phones talk to us and generate instantaneous responses, we anthropomorphize
Are we considerate toward our devices?
Way more considerate, more positive to the computer on which they took test if they take the
second survey on that same computer
Behavior consistent to being overly nice to the computer because they were being considerate
(would not denigrate someone to their face, that would be impolite)
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