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19 Nov 2014
Are Health Apps a Scam?
how should we think about our healthcare?
Old model: fix what’s broke (how healthcare worked for a long time)
Moving toward the 4P model- focus shifts from just fixing what’s broken to trying to be predictive of
what might cause certain ailments
Predictive: what causes the problem in the first place (proactive, in front of disease)
Preventative: preventative care up front will save money in the long run
Personalized: personalized care for patients
Participatory: get people involved
Emergence of health apps
Millions of people download health apps in US
What are health “apps” designed to do?
More than just app- includes games
Entertainment: Parkinson’s game project physical therapy games to make it more fun
Apply the understanding of increasing difficulty from gaming world to the health world
How does “flow” relate to health care?
Tracking: activity, health, vital signs
Knowing goals, “gamifying” the health system, motivation to improve your behavior
Why does companionship help?
The drawbacks/limitations of eHealth apps
Danger of misinformation
Is the focus in the right place?
What is new and exciting technologically drives it, not medically
The motivation problem: the motivation to get started in the first place
Effort to download, personalize, etc.
Kinds of people to be motivated to do so are most likely on the healthy side anyways
Still searching for a way to help the people who aren’t like the above
Could apps worsen health outcomes?
Secondary effects: gym shamer
Importance of good design
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