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19 Nov 2014
Who are we online?
Impression management
The dramaturgical model
Front stage>>> want to convert particular identity to audience in front stage (Idealized identity), where
performace occurs
The actor’s performance
The team’s performance
Dramaturgical loyalty and discipline
Back stage= where you’re interacting with teammate/actors of the performance, interacting about the
performance but the audience isn’t there
Back stage behaviors: talk bad about the audience, strategize about the performance, gossip about the
performance/person>>> think about the customer/employee interaction (front stage, nice to customers, etc
then backstage is where you talk about the customers)
Back stage maintenance: maintain control over who has access to back stage behaviors
Off stage: involves people in the performance but is not about the performance itself
Shifting performances: putting on front for particular interaction>> forever changing between stages, types
of performance is constantly changing per situation/people
Our identity is not a static thing, it is constantly changing and morphing, depending on the performance we
are giving/presence we are trying to portray
How does impression management change online?
Clearly using new techs to manage identity
Adapting a new persona?
People adopting personas to appeal to the audience they are trying to reach
Racial identity
Age identity
Gender identity
Although talked about frequently, not different from what we find in interpersonal communication despite
technology b/c we are always trying to depict a certain type of persona
we are what we are not
anonymity, less rich communication, etc.
Micro-manage the impressions we leave>>> constantly engaged in performance given off
The difficulty of corralling audiences
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