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19 Nov 2014
why get involved in social media?
Monitor relevant conversation
Respond to specific complaints
Address general problems
Actively mine data to improve profit margins
Manage brand identity
Social media analytics
“capture, understand, present” and apply
note that this approach to consumer data is not new
to capture
goals: inclusive, representative, and relevant
methods: crawlers, built-in tools; semantic software, live coders
key issues:
where is the data?
How the customers use the platforms?
What are the key phrases and what do they mean?
To understand
Goals: identify sentiment, concerns, achievements, possible solutions
Methods: statistical analysis, big data analysis, thinking
Key issues:
What is relevant?
What are the important patterns and how do we make sense of them?
Over time
By particular brand attribute
By particular audience
How to weight the sources?
Is the conversation an accurate representation of the audience?
E.g. what are the goals of the posters?
To present:
Goals: capture big data visually, make a persuasive argument
Methods: data visualization
Key issues:
How to capture millions of data points in one chart?
To apply:
Goals: increase the bottom line
Methods: all of the above
The problem with technological determinism
Solution: put the end goals first
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