THTR-T 370 Lecture 21: Restoration England Day 21

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Theatre, Drama & Cntmp Dance
THTR-T 370
Wainscot Ron

English Stuff - Day 21 Tuesday, April 11, 2017 1:12 PM Theatre Architecture Public Theatres - Outdoors • Inn Yards and animal baiting arenas • Three levels of galleries and boxes • Standing pit (yard) • Thrust stage (covered) • Façade • Doors; Discovery Space (Reveals/Interiors- ) banquet in The Tempest • Upper Performance Level ○ We aren't sure about the convention of something like the balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet • Musicians Space • Traps ○ Doctor Faustus dragged to hell, Grave in Hamlet, Twelfth Night when Malvolio is tormented, probably Due to the Plague, many companies had to tour Public Theatres Purpose-Built Theatre 1576! begins the trend of building theatres to be used as theatres Shakespeare, about 10 years later, works in purpose -built theatres • The Theatre (1576) Northeast, built by James Burbage • The Curtain (1577) Northeast • The Rose (1587) South Bank. Big competition for Burbage company, managed by Philip Henslowe • The Swan (1595) South Bank . We have a drawing of the interior! Only one. • The Globe (1599, burned, then rebuilt 1614) South Bank • The Fortune (1600) North. We have the builder's contract! Same designer / architect of the Globe, yet frustratingly we have no contract for the Globe. All theatres are large, holding approx. 2 -3000 people. First two we aren't sure of size. Depictions size. Depictions The DeWitt Drawing- a man from another country saw the Swan Theatre, was impressed, drew it. We aren't sure if he drew from memory or sight. Then someone copied that drawing without seeing the original, and that's
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