THTR-T 370 Lecture 19: Elizabethan Era Day 19

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Theatre, Drama & Cntmp Dance
THTR-T 370
Wainscot Ron

Elizabethan Era - Day 19 Thursday, March 30, 2017 1:06 PM Early Tudor Plays • Henry VIII + Elizabeth I (181603) • School Plays: ○ Ralph Roister Doister(c. 1540) § By Nicholas Udall § Eton "It's a fun piece. It doesn't change your life, but it's fun." § ○ Gammer Gurton's Needle(c. 1560) § By Mr. S § Cambridge § Sometimes performed with Ralphas a double bill, to make a full night of theatre ○ Inspired by Roman Comedy Inns of Court • Gorboduc(1561) -> "I extremely disliked this play. I called it Gorbofuck to amuse myself." ○ Written by lawyers: Thomas Sackville and Norton ○ First English Tragedy (Senecan) ○ Dumb Shows in between each act ○ Blank Verse § Unrhymed iambic pentameter § Very regular at first § Feminine endings § Run-ons § Mixed with rhyming couplets § prose ○ Chorus (single speaker) Acting Companies Acting Companies • Professional Acting troupes by 1560s. Most of them tour! • Public theatres by 1567 London • Adapted spaces 1567+ • New construction 1576+ (purpose built) • Theatre forbidden in City of London State Regulation • Elizabeth banned religious plays (1559) • Licensing and censorship ○ Master of the Revels / Lord Cham
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