THTR-T 370 Lecture 22: More English Day 22

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Theatre, Drama & Cntmp Dance
THTR-T 370
Wainscot Ron

More English - Day 22 Tuesday, April 11, 2017 1:13 PM Benjamin Jonson 1572 – 1637 English playwright • Also poet & actor • Literary critic of the 17th cen. Plays: • Every Man in His Humour (1598) • Volpone, or The Fox (c. 1606) • The Alchemist (1610) • Bartholomew Fair (1614) Notes: • Often worked beside Shakespeare • Actor/Playwright • Killed another actor (exonerated with Latin) • Attracted to Neoclassicism • Depict people as they are (no fantasy) • Reveal the folly in human behavior Volpone! • Volpone / Mosca power base • Smarter than everyone else (role-playing) • Only 2 good people and they end up punished: Celia / Bonario • Villain as protagonist • Brought down by himself • Satirizes English travelers (would -be couple) • Set in Venice (Italian corruption) • Animal models for characters (fox, fly, etc) • Entourage: Dwarf/Eunuch/Hermaphrodite • Prayer to Gold • The ability to seduce is more important than the actual seduction • The ability to seduce is more important than the actual seduction Two shots from a very modern take on Volpone New York production, fairytale -like design New York production, fairytale -like design Masques! Designs by Inigo Jones, who then got in a fight with Jonson and ended up getting Jonson fired because Inigo's design skills were more important than Jonson's writing skills Jacobean Era (1603 -1625) Darker, nastier events and themes King John I -> They're still working out their issues: • Catholicism/Protestant ○ Anglican church ○ "There are still Catholics running around" • Killing people! Randomly! Still! • Nasty times. John Marston • The Malcontent(1603) • The Dutch Courtesan(1605)
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