THTR-T 370 Lecture 27: England Day 27

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Theatre, Drama & Cntmp Dance
THTR-T 370
Wainscot Ron

Day 27 - England! Thursday, April 27, 2017 1:09 PM First English Actresses Who was first? • Margaret Hughes - > ○ she was there for about five minutes ○ then got married into nobility and obviously stopped acting • Anne Marshall --> ○ probably the first accredited actress Edward Kynastan • "stage beauty" • Said to be a child actor of the old realm but he would have been two years old • Started playing female roles at 20 but soon changed to male roles Mary Betterton (Saunderson) • 1661-1694 active performance dates • Enduring actress • First wave for Davenant • Married Thomas Betterton (1662) • Trained new actresses!! • First actress to play Ophelia, Juliet, Lady Macbeth • Buried in Westminster Abbey with Thomas as the first actors to be buried… but they have unmarked graves. • Nickname "Ianthe" from Seige of Rhodes • Much John Dryden and Aphra Behn • 67 known roles. Florinda in The Rover. Nell Gwyn • 67 known roles. Florinda in The Rover. Nell Gwyn • 1665-1670 active • Short, notorious career • Flaunts sexuality, began as an orange wench • A Favorite of Charles II: "The Protestant whore" • Gave him a bastard son who was given a title! • Best in comedy / and epilogues • Wonderful at direct audience address • King's Company (Killingrew) Mary "Moll" Davis • 1662 -1668 active • Duke's Company, rival to Nell Gwyn • Also flaunts sexuality, gets involved with Charles II, just like Nell Gwyn • She Would If She Could (Etherege) • Viola in Law Against Lovers(Twelfth Nightcombined with Much Ado) • Offstage reputation blended with onstage antics. "The most pertinent slut in the era" -Not Ron Elizabeth Barry • 1675 -1708 • Ignored attacks on reputation • Long starring career (over 120 known roles) • First actor of either sex to get an annual benefit • Ward of Bettertons • Close friend of Aphra Behn • Versatility personified • Helena in The Rover Anne Bracegirdle Anne Bracegirdle • Insisted on honest reputation • Played with Elizabeth Barry for 20 years • Muse for William Congreve • Played youthful beautiful heroines for entire career • Millamant in Way of the World • In many plays by Mary Pix and Susannah Centlivre Actresses • First women to perform Shakespeare • Cross-dressing happens almost immediately • Many roles written for or expanded by specific actresses Actors • Thomas Betterton: Actor/Manager ○ Entire period • Cave Underhill: Comedian • John Verbuggen: rakes • Colley Cibber: fops Restoration Theatres Architecture • Proscenium Arch Res
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