THTR-T 370 Lecture 26: More France Day 26

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Theatre, Drama & Cntmp Dance
THTR-T 370
Wainscot Ron

More France - Day 26 Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:02 PM Paris • In 1558 they performed for Louis XIV, he likes the theatre ensemble so much that he gives them royal patronage and allows them to create theatre in the city itself, which was unprecedented! • Palais Royal (1660 -1673) • Farces! Comedy of Character! Comedy of Manners! Armande Bejart (1642 -1700) female leads in major comedies! • Moliere's muchyounger wife - one of the stories is that she is actually his daughter, which is spooky. Ron doesn't believe it but it is highly debated. • Celimene in The Misanthrope • Elmire in Tartuffe • Said to be quite beautiful on the stage but in life, quite plain, so she was able to move about on the street and in her ordinary life without becoming a celebrity like her predecessors, DuParc and Champmesle, from Racine's plays "There was always music in theatre, until Ibsen. I'm oversimplifying, a little. But Ibsen killed music." -Ron quote of the day More on Moliére Plays More on Moliére Plays • Comedies of Manners and Character • The Miser(1668) • The Learned Ladies(1672) • The Imaginary Invalid (1673) • Neoclassical (unities / 5 acts) • "French scenes" Tartuffe(1664 / 67 / 69) • Moliere's plays usually have a male character who refuses to listen to reason: Orgon • Always at least one character who offers reasonable advice which goes unheeded: Cléante. • Also common sense advice: Dorine • Orgon: Moliere character • Armande Bejart as Elmire • Dorine = intelligent soubrette: Madeleine Bejart • Blocked young lovers • Tartuffe = confidence man / imposter Tartuffe(1669) • Late entrance of Tartuffe
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