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ANTH - Anthropology
ANTH 110
Abigal Adams

8/27/2013 Introduction To Archeology Anthropos: Human Logos: The study of Anthropology is holistic or multifaceted: Anthropologists study not only all varieties of people but many aspects of human experience as well. They address politics, history, language, economics, environment, kinship, religion, art and life ways. Anthropology has four subfields The Mind (2) - Ethnology (social or cultural) - Linguistic Anthropology The Body (2) - Archaeology - Biological or Physical Anthropology: One major field of anthropology. Ethnology or Cultural Anthropology (Cultural anthropology is divided into three major subfields: archaeology, linguistics and ethnology. Ethnology is the study of recent cultures. -Description and analysis of living people and field work within living groups -Ethnologists practice Ethnography or the description of li
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