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ANTH - Anthropology
ANTH 110
Abigal Adams

8272013 Anthropology Intro and ArcheologyAnthropos HumanLogos The study ofAnthropology is holistic or multifaceted Anthropologists study not only all varieties of people but many aspects of human experience as well They address politics history language economics environment kinship religion art and life ways Anthropology has four subfieldsThe Mind 2 Ethnology social or culturalLinguistic AnthropologyThe Body 2ArchaeologyBiological or Physical Anthropology One major field of anthropology Ethnology or Cultural AnthropologyCultural anthropology is divided into three major subfields archaeology linguistics and ethnology Ethnology is the study of recent cultures Description and analysis of living people and field work within living groups Ethnologists practice Ethnography or the description of living groups based on field observations Concerned with universals and cultural variation Morality and the Study of HumansEthics of investigation Theory that cannot be tested in a lab because it involves humans A researcher cannot carry out unethical experiments on human subjectsTuskegee experiment men participate in study for syphilis receive free food etc but are never told they have syphilisHuman subjects review board the administrative and decisionmaking body having responsibility for review and approval of research and or study involving human subjects Linguistics Description and analysis of languageThousands of languages many are disappearing because less and less people are using them so then less people can pass them onHistorical Linguistics The study of how languages can change over time and how they may be related Sociolinguists The study of how language is used in social contexts
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