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Lecture 5

CRIM 102 Lecture 5: Chapter 5 notes

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CRIM - Criminology
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CRIM 102
Dr. Piatak

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Chapter 5: Biosocial Other Contemporary Perspectives Outline Introduction Genetics and Heritability The Dysfunctional Brain Body Chemistry and Criminality 1. Ingested Substances Nutrition 2. Environmental Pollution 3. Psychobiotics 4. Hormones and Criminality Biosocial Criminology Introduction The Human Genome Project (HGP) Completed in 2003 Genes: portions of a cells DNA (they carry coded instructions to the body) Ex. BRCA1 Chromosomes: Bundles of genes Ex. XX and XY (female and male) just because you have a gene does not mean you are going to commit crime. Genetics Heritability The Netherlands most dysfunctional family o Rogers Brunner (1993) Monoamine oxidase A(MAOA) Neurotransmitters: Chemical substances that facilitate the flow of electrical impulses Ex. Serotonin Heritability The proportion of variation in traits within a group of people that can be attributes to variations in their genes rather than to their environment. Genetics Heritability (Continued) Allele: Multiple forms (mutation) DRD2 A1: Dopamine o Allele Lack of pleasure
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