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Lecture 10

PSYC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Safe Sex, Girly Girl, Relational AggressionPremium

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PSYC 101

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Prep Guide 9 (Myers 107-131, but focus on the topics covered in the prep guide for
this one); Lilienfeld Myth #27
1. What are some gender similarities and differences in aggression, social
power, and social connectedness?
Men are more aggressive than women and commit more physical violence
than women but women are more likely to commit relational aggression
which is hurtful gossip, shutting someone out, etc. Men and women lead
different so their social power is different. Women tend to be more
democratic and women offer more support. Men tend to be more directive
telling people what they want and how they achieve it. Men tend to be more
independent and women tend to be more interdependent.
2. How gender-typed are you? What has influenced your feelings of masculinity
or femininity?
I’m feminine because I was raised to be a girly girl.
3. How is our biological sex determined, and how do sex hormones influence
parental and adolescent development?
Our biological sex is determined by the X chromosome. Sex hormones
influence gender in prenatal, in adolescence shapes our sexual identity.
4. What is the difference between a gender role and gender identity?
Gender role is what you’re supposed to act like as a boy or girl and a gender
identity is what gender you identify with.
5. Based on what you read about environmental factors that contribute to teen
pregnancy, what do you think would be an effective way to reduce teen
pregnancy rates?
Teach more about how to have safe sex rather than abstaining from it
6. What does the term “intersex” mean? Is it a good idea for parents of intersex
children to have their children undergo early sex-reassignment surgery?
Why or why not?
Intersex is when you are born as one gender but identify with another. No it’s
not a good idea because they could change their minds down the road.
7. What are some of the factors that contribute to one’s sexual orientation? How
has reading about the causes of sexual orientation influenced your views?
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