FN 30300 Lecture 5: Carbohydrates Lecture 2

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Carbohydrates Lecture 2
Food Sources of Carbohydrate
Natural Occurring Sugar
Natural sugars are found in foods as a result of photosynthesis.
Most natural sugars occur in plant based foods; fruits, whole grains, potatoes,
starches, and vegetables.
Animal based foods are dairy based.
Foods with natural sugar also have nutritional advantages such as vitamins,
minerals, and fiber.
All meats and fats do not have any or very little carbohydrate content.
Added Sugar
Added sugar are added to foods by manufacturers - mostly processed foods, beverages,
and sweets.
Foods with added sugar have
Poor nutritional value little to no vitamins, fiber, minerals, and water.
Empty calories high calories poor nutritional value.
Are Sugars Bad for You
Sugar does not ause hyperativity…rather affeie, a stiulat ay e the ulprit.
Excessive sugar does not cause diabetes. The contributing factor is weight gain and
inactivity from eating too much foods high in sugar which are also high in calories.
Dental caries (cavities) is caused primarily by high sugar intake.
High blood triglycerides are associated with high sugar intake (both natural and added
Weight management is more challenging by consuming too much sugar based foods.
What is Diabetes Mellitus
About 26 million Americans have been diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes mellitus- Body is uale to use isuli or doest produe eough isuli.
Insulin resistance -cells do not respond to insulin.
Ketoacidosis results from uncontrolled inability to use insulin. The body resorts to
breaking down fat to get energy(glucose) which results in increased ketone levels
causing an change in pH of the blood.
Diabetic Health Complication
Nerve Damage
Circulation Damage resulting in amputation leg/feet
Eye Disease resulting in loss of vision
Kidney Disease leading to kidney failure requiring dialysis
Heart Disease
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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