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Lecture 6

Sociology SOC-R 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: National Crime Victimization Survey, Victimless Crime, Burglary

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Sociology SOC-R 100
Cynthia Solinski

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I. Crie Clok 4: FBI’s Uifor Crie Report UCR
A. Predatory Crime: Acts that have victims who suffer from some kind of
physical harm or loss or property (8 types of felonies, all criminal law)
1. Murder& Non-negligent Manslaughter
2. Aggravated Assault
3. Rape
4. Robbery
5. Burglary
6. Larceny-Theft
7. Motor Vehicle Theft
8. Arson
B. Public Disorder Crimes are where most of LEO time is spent investigating
C. Illegal Service Crimes
1. vitiless ries i the ook
2. Prostitution, gambling, drug dealing
3. Not likely to be reported because of criminal and customer prefer service
D. Crimes of Negligence
E. Organized Crime
F. White Collar crime
1. Fraud
II. Extend of Crime & Delinquency
A. Sources of Data & Problems with official records
1. Only about 1/3 of all crimes are reported to the police
III. Sources of Data
A. Victimization Studies
1. National crime victimization survey: annually by DOJ
2. Attempt to secure information from victims
3. Surveys and interviews a representative sample- randomly selects up to
90,000 households & 160,000 individuals ages 12 and older
B. Self-reports
1. Asks whether or not the person has committed a crime
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