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Lecture 16

Sociology SOC-R 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Sick Role, Medicalization, Talcott Parsons

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Sociology SOC-R 100
Glenna Simons

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Health and Society
Does the U.S have the best healthcare system?
Why do we think doctors are so special?
o Social and political power
o Empathy towards peers; not clients
Medicalization= process by which problems or issues not traditionally seen
as medical come to be framed as such
o Ex. Alcoholism; not seen as medical issues, but genetic tendency,
moral failing and biochemical aspects, now seen as an addiction
Historical Development of Doctors
o The profession evolved from barbers because if you were good with a
straight razor to cut hair, why not cut open someone’s stomach for
o Nineteenth century licensing
o Hospitals went from places to die to places to heal
o Bill Clintons  Medical bill of rights
o 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment Active Labor Act
o Traditional VS nontraditional medicine
Talcott Parsons
o Sick role= concept describing the social rights and obligations of a
sick individual
1. Has right to not perform normal social roles
2. Right to not to be held accountable for his/her condition
o Obligations:
1. Try to get well
2. Seek competent help and comply with doctors orders
Health Care in the U.S
o 3’s after great depression the health care system took a growth
o Medicare= 65 years or older, people with disabilities
o Medicaid= joint federal and state program for those in poverty
Morbidity= illness in a general sense
Mortality= death
o In the U.S whites hold a significant advantage in healthcare and
longevity compared with African Americans.
o Hispanics have a higher rate of diabetes and HIV/AIDS than whites
o Infant mortality rate by race is significantly unequal
Marital Status
o Married people tend to live longer
o Women live longer than men in the U.S (average 80.5 years)
Sociology of Mental Health
o Diagnostic Psychiatry
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