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Lecture 18

GEOG 200 Lecture 18: geog notes- urban and sub.

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Geographic Science
GEOG 200
Jonathan Walker

2/21/17 Geog notes Urban geography: - 80% of population lives in cities (urban) in the USA - What defines urban? - CBD – central business district: tall buildings, public transit, office space, some housing, grid system, financial institutions, seat of power (# of people) - Megacities? – new York city, Los Angeles (Only these 2) o Amenities, entertainment, restaurants o # of people = urban? 2,500 USA - Atlanta, Georgia: Black Capital of USA – majority black; 65% o Office holders- politics o African American middle class and upper class - White suburbs: o Black CBD/ city limits o White flight- voluntary movement of white families away from encroaching minorities. ▪ Driven by what? – Fear, paranoia - Redlining: the deliberate showing of real estate following race and or the not providing financing for home purchase in black neighborhoods o Blacks move to a highly white populated area, then whites start to leave, and property values drop o Baltimore city- Jewish people left moved to Baltimore county -> Pikesville … African Americans - Ghettos: area defined by a concentration of a particular characteristic o 1 ghetto : Jewish o Ex. Little Italy, china towns - Suburbs- area around a city where people commute from, to work. o Suburbanization act of 1949: GI bill, long term mortgages 30-years  American Dream (own a
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