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Lecture 4

NUTR 395 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Questionnaire, Fokker E.Ii

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NUTR 395

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Approaches to Measuring Diet
I. No one best way
II. Participants/Clients/Patients
III. Resources
IV. Techniques
a. 24 hour recall
a.i. Trained interviewer
a.ii. Diet details
a.iii. Recent past
a.iv. Quick, inexpensive
a.v. Memory issues, but not many Embarrassment, need-to-please
b. Conducting Food Interviews
b.i. Three pass-method
b.i.1. Go through day
b.i.2. Go over information and probe
b.i.3. Ask about specific food items
b.ii. Open ended questions until step three
b.iii. Don’t name meals
b.iv. Show little emotion
c. Food record or diary
c.i. Recorded at time of consumption
c.ii. Usually estimated
c.iii. Can be weighed
c.iv. No memory issues
c.v. Detailed information High respondent burden
c.vii. Literate respondent
c.viii. May cause dietary changes
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