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Lecture 3

NUTR 395 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Cachexia, Marasmus, Medical Diagnosis

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NUTR 395

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I. Why do nutrition assessment?
a. Foundation of NCP
b. No one test that measures nutrition status
c. Identifies nutrition problems, their causes and significance
II. Protein energy malnutrition (PEM)
a.i. Slows healing
a.ii. Increases healthcare costs
b. Kwashiorkor
b.i. protein deficiency
b.ii. May not look malnourished
c. Marasmus (Cachexia)
c.i. Energy and protein deficiency
d. Chronic disease based
e. Failure to thrive
e.i. Short for age
e.ii. Low weight for age
e.iii. Low weight for height
III. Nutrition Assessment
a. Objective information
a.i. Data that can be verified
a.i.1. Demographics
a.i.2. Laboratory
a.i.3. Medical diagnosis
a.i.4. Clinical findings
b. Subjective information
b.i. Patient-reported information
b.i.1. Diet history
b.i.2. Supplement intake
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