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Lecture 1

SOCI 140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Intersectionality, Symbolic Interactionism, Thomas Theorem

Course Code
SOCI 140
Aaron Peeks Mease

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I. Sociological Social Psychology
a. Symbolic interaction
i. Symbolic communication
b. Social structure and personality
i. Social structure and values, beliefs, and health
c. Group processes
i. Interaction in groups
I. Consider dating & marriage
a. Views marriage and families as symbolic words
i. Meaning is creating
1. Engagement and wedding rings
b. Situations shape further situations
c. Two people at a party glance at each other
i. An invitation to approach?
ii. An approach
iii. A misinterpretation- looking at someone else
II. People use meaning to guide their behavior
a. To get things we want in life, we must negotiate meanings with other people
i. Assumed everything we do, we do in order to get something
b. Tells us how to think, feel, or act
III. People use an interpretive process regarding interactions
a. Interactions result in different interpretations
i. Agency = free will
ii. Which ie of reality?
I. Symbols
a. people reared i differet cultures ad eiroets ill alost certaily hae
differet ideas of reality
b. new tech changing how we interpret communication
II. Meaning as a guide
a. Past interactions will shape future interactions
b. Why negotiate meanings?
i. We get something out of situations
ii. We can further stereotypes
iii. What is meaning behind candles, flowers, etc.?
1. Can have many different meanings
a. Apology
b. Setting mood for sex
III. People use an interpretive process regarding interactions
a. End up with different versions of interpretations
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