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Lecture 5

WRTC 103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Weight-Bearing

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Course Code
WRTC 103
David Brennan

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Brennan WRTC 103 September 7, 2016
Essay Design Plan for the class
1. Purpose:
a. what is it about?
2. Strategy(ies) that the argument/essay will employ:
a. forms of knowledge or info that needs to be included in
the argument/ essay.
b. Also identify what you want to leave out and leave it
c. You want to persuade the audience not turn them away
from the argument
3. What Form:
a. Generally, a standard essay form.
b. Most important thing to think is the justification for
using that form.
c. As long as the form does not contradict what you are
trying to communicate then you’re good.
4. Arrangement of info that you are communication:
a. how the info fits together, or fits in the essay/argument
in general
5. Production:
a. think about what materials you need to gather
b. how long it will take to create the final product, etc.
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