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Lecture 18

CRJU 4100 Lecture 18: 4-10, 4-12, and 4-17

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Criminal Justice
CRJU 4100

4-10-17 (Continued) Anabolic Steroids Chapter 3 Easy path to short-term rewards. Its “just” anabolic steroids. Using means they are not fit for duty- people could be harmed or killed. Fitness for Duty: safely and effectively fulfill job responsibilities with integrity. Superiors have a responsibility to ensure that their officers are fit for duty. Fitness for Duty Evaluations- physically, emotionally, physiologically fitness of the officers should be evaluated, and they should involve drug tests that include a panel for anabolic steroids. Pressure to be physically fit. Red flag Indicators: lying, suspicion of drug use, 911 call to officer’s home, arrests of officers. Not conducting an investigation in the presence of these red flags is considered negligence on the part of the leadership/ agency. Peace Officers Mission: maximize public safety by deescalating violence. Anabolic steroid abuse goes against this mission by creating aggressive behavior (legal liability). 4-12-17 More Anabolic Steroids Continued Chapter 3 The DEA and FDA list anabolic steroids as a schedule 3 illegal drug, meaning that the steroids can be possessed and used only by those having a valid medical prescription. Hypogonadism- low testosterone in males Legitimate users will have a legitimate reason to have
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