CS 4504 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Remote Procedure Call, Message Passing, Mobile Agent

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19 Sep 2016
Chapter 3
Distributed Computing Paradigms
Instructor Dr. Bobbie
Lecture notes
Chapter 3 Paradigms
Paradigms and Abstraction
Abstraction – detail hiding/encapsulating.
Paradigm – a pattern/model.
Sometimes we do not need to know exact details of how something works so we use
abstraction to explain it.
Level of abstraction from high to low:
Object space, collaborative applications
Network services, object request broker, mobile agent.
Remote procedure call, remote method invocation
Client-server, peer-to-peer
Message passing
So in this table we will use the most abstraction for object space and least for message passing
Message passing
The basic operations required to support message-passing paradigms are send and receive.
For connection-oriented communication connect and disconnect are also required. So
interconnected processes perform input output to each other similarly as OS input output
operations. This means that operations are encapsulated at the operating system level and the
coder does not have to deal with underlying detail.
Socket paradigm – two processes may exchange data as follows: a sender writes or inserts a
message into the socket. At the other end, a receiver reads or extracts a message from the
Client Server Paradigm
The client-server model is a collaboration between two processes. First process sits patiently
(server) waiting for request. Second process (client) issues specific commands. Operations
required include those for a server process to listen and accept requests, and for a client
process to issue requests and accept responses. By assigning asymmetric roles to the two
sides event synchronization is simplified to the server waiting for requests and client waiting for
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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