CS 4504 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Data Stream, Transport Layer Security, Network Socket

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28 Sep 2016
Chapter 4
The Socket API continued
Instructor Dr. P. Bobbie
Lecture Notes #8
Chapter 4
Event synchronization
In connection-orientated and connectionless the send operations are nonblocking while
the receive operations are blocking.
To avoid indefinite blocking receiving process may use the setSoTimeout method to set a
timeout. For example, 50 seconds. After that Java will throw Interrupt exception.
Connection-oriented datagram socket API
It is uncommon to employ datagram sockets for connection-oriented communication
The connection provided by this API is rudimentary and typically insufficient for application that
require a true connection.
Stream-mode sockets are typically more appropriate for connection-oriented communication.
Method call for connection-oriented datagram socket
Method/Constructor Description
Public void
Connect (InetAddress address, int port)
Creates a logical connection between this
socket and a socket at the remote address
and port.
Public void disconnect() Cancels the current connection, if any, from
this socket.
A connection is made for a socket with a remote socket. Once a socket is connected. It can only
exchange data with the remote socket.
The connection is unilateral (enforced by one side only).
The Stream-mode Socket API
The datagram socket API supports the exchange of discrete units of data.
The Stream Socket API provides a model of data transfer based on the stream- mode I/O.
A stream-mode socket is established for data exchange between two specific processes.
Data stream is written to the socket at one end, and read from the other end.
A stream socket cannot be used to communicate with more than one process.
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