HPE 1430 Lecture 1: Volleyball Terms (8)

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29 Aug 2016
Volleyball Terms and Concepts- HPE 1430
1895- Holyoke, Mass., USA
End line(Service line/Base Line)
Side Line
3Meter Line(10 Foot Line/Attack line)
Basic Skills- Individual
1) Float
2) Jump Float
3) Jump Topspin
4) Underhand
5) Japanese Roundhouse
1) Forearm Pass
2 Overhead Pass
1) Hand Set (Overhand Set)
2) Bump Set
1) Hit
2) Tip/Dink
3) Roll
4) Tool
1) Penetration
2) Soft
* Dig
Volleyball Statistics
* Ace
* Kill
* Block
Side Out
Scoring Systems
*Rally (Point per Serve)
* Side Out (Only Serving Team Can Score)
Volleyball Officials
*R1- Head Ref or “Up” Ref
*R2- 2nd Ref or “Down” Ref
*Linesman (2)
*Libero Tracker
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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