SWE 3633 Lecture 28: L28 Software Architecture and Design

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Kennesaw State University
Software Engineering
SWE 3633
Hassan Pournaghband

Software Architecture Lecture 28 Finite State Machines (FSM) An FSM consists of a finite set of input symbols, I, a finite set of states, Q, a specific state, S, called the starting state, and a transition function, F, fro{input x state} to {state}. Transition Diagrams - we may represent an FSM by a diagram. We call it a Transition Diagram. A state transition diagram is a technique to depict: • The states of an entity • The transitions of states of the entity • The trigger or the event that caused the transition of state of the entity The entity may be a physical device such as a light switch or a vending machine; it may be a software system or component such as a word processor or an operating system; it may be a biological system such as a cell or a human; or - - - - Software Program View The end product of a software is a program which executes. In depicting the program (or an object) we can consider: • Variables which take on different values • Control structure and assignment statements in the program change the values of the variables 1. Combination of values of the variables at any point of the program represent the program state at that point. 2. The change made to the values of the variables through assignment statements represent a transition of state Using State Transition Diagram Model the entity at the level where the number of states is “manageable.” 1. Design (list) the number of states (should not be big) 2. Li
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