STAT 3010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Multivariate Analysis, Playtime

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7 Oct 2018
From my analysis of the univariate analyses I have identified that there are more midfielders
than any other position on the team. The least number of players on a field are goalkeepers
which makes sense because there is only one goalkeeper on the field at a time for a team or
two total goalkeepers on the field at a time. There are also more International players in the
Eastern Major League Soccer Conference than American Players. Finally, we discovered that
most players are between 69 and 72 inches tall. With the height data I then turned the height
variable into 3 categories. The three categories consisted of height above average, average and
below average. Most of the players are average height. In my multivariate analysis for the
position by height I saw that it most defenders and forwards were above average height while
most midfielders were average height. Almost 100% of the goalkeepers are above average in
height. Therefore, I concluded that position is affected by height. In my second multivariate
analysis, does nationality affect play time, we discovered that it does. There are 50.77%
International players and 49.23% American players. However, the average of the American
players playtime is 1051 minutes while the average International playtime is 1223 minutes.
Meaning, that International players do get more playing time than American Players. Finally, in
my last multivariate analysis, I wanted to see if age affected the amount of play-time a player
received. However, there isn’t enough of a positive correlation indicating I do not believe that
age affects play-time. For my future research I would like to broaden my data to not only
include the Eastern Conference but also the Western Conference as well.
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