SWE 3633 Lecture 1: L1 Software Architecture and Design

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Software Architecture and Design
Lecture 1
Design is a creative process of transforming the problem into a solution.
Design is the activity of constructing components and organizing their interactions in order to achieve
the system that will satisfy the requirements.
Identify the components
Specifying their functionalities
Specifying any constraints (performance, security)
Identify and specify component relations (inheritance, aggregation, etc.).
Identify and specify component dependencies (Interfaces, joint responsibilities, sequences of
A good software design:
Reduces risks in software production
Coordinates development teams to work together orderly.
Makes the system traceable for implementation and testing.
Leads to software products that have higher quality attributes.
Software Design
From requirements specification to design specifications
SRS Software Design SDS
SRS: Software Requirements Specification is the result of requirement analysis, it records the
functional and non-functional requirements that must be met by the software system.
SDS (SDD) Software Design Specifications describes the software architecture or high-level design and
the detailed design of the system.
SDD (aka SDS) describes the components of a system, the modules that comprise each component,
and the detailed information (such as data, attributes, operations, and algorithms) of each module.
SDD helps to implement the system using programming language/s, which is followed by debugging,
testing, and maintenance.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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