SWE 3633 Lecture 6: L6 Software architecture and design lecture 6

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Software architecture and design
Lecture 6
Operations versus Projects
Operations are standardized activities that occur continuously or at regular intervals.
Payroll, hiring and performance evaluation, shipping and receiving.
Projects are one-time efforts to achieve a particular current goal.
Process improvement, business restructuring, new product introduction (including
Operation versus Projects
Project Management Activities:
Planning formulating a scheme for doing a project.
Organizing structuring the organizational entities involved in a project and
assigning them authority and responsibilities.
Staffing filling the positions in an organizational structure and keeping them
Tracking observing the progress of work and adjusting work and plans
Leading directing and supporting people doing project work.
Project Planning
Estimation is calculation of the approximate cost, effort, time or resources required to
achieve some end.
A schedule specifies the start and duration of work tasks.
Risk analysis is an orderly process of identifying, understanding, and assessing risks
(any occurrence with negative consequences).
Policies, procedures, tools, and techniques are specified to govern, work.
Project Organizing
Organizational Structures:
Project organization
Functional organization
Team structures
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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