ATTR 25057 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Inoculation, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Transverse Plane

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Anne Paquette
Anatomy and Physiology I
18- January- 2017
Bdnf (brain derived neurotrophic factor)
Improves brain health, enhances the wiring of neurons, is a stress inoculator, makes the
brain cells more resilient
20- January- 2017
Descriptive Terminology
Medial-toward the midline of the body
Lateral- away from the midline
Anterior- toward the front
Posterior- toward the back
Superior- located above another
Inferior- located below another
Cranial- closer to the head
Caudal- closer to the feet (changes at bottom of hip)
Bilateral- refers to two, or both sides
Contralateral- refers to the opposite side
Ipsilateral-refers to the same side of the body
Supine- lying on back, facing up
Prone- lying on stomach, facing down
Distal- away from middle of the body
Proximal- toward the middle of the body
Dorsal- posterior… toward the back
Ventral- toward the front…. Anterior
Superficial- top most layer
Deep- inner most layer
Palmar- the palm
Sinister- left side
Dexter- right side
Plantar- sole of the foot
Volar-palm of hand or sole of the foot
Joint Movements
Osteokinematic: movements of bones around a joint (flexion, extension, ad-abduction)
Flexion: decreasing the joint angle, bringing two bones together
Extension: increasing the joint angle, bringing two bones away from one another
Hyperextension: extension beyond normal anatomical range
Palmar flexion: flexing the wrist
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find more resources at
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