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Lecture 1

CS 33101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Javaserver Pages Standard Tag Library, Xslt, Visual Basic .Net

Computer Science
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CS 33101
Younghun Chae

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CS33101 Day 1 August 27
Introduction to Programming Language
Why study programming languages?
Amazing variety
o One of the moderated email lists counted ~2,300 different programming
Strange controversies
o Should a programming language have a ‘goto’ statement?
o Should an object-oriented language allow for global functions?
o Terminology argument vs. actual parameter
Many connections
o Programming languages touch upon virtually all areas of computer
science: from the mathematical theory of formal languages and automata
to the implementation of operating systems
Intriguing evolution
o Programming languages change!
o New ideas and experiences trigger new languages
o New languages trigger new ideas, etc.
Reasons for Studying Concepts of Programming Languages
Increased ability to express ideas
Improved background for choosing appropriate languages
Increased ability to learn new languages
Better understanding of significance of implementation
Better use of languages that are already known
Overall advancement of computing
Programming Domains
Scientific applications
o Large numbers of floating-point computations; use of arrays
o Fortran (outdated)
Business applications
o Produce reports, use decimal numbers and characters
Artificial intelligence
o Symbols rather than numbers manipulated; use of linked lists
Systems programming
o Need efficiency because of continuous use
o C
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